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Thread: Spark Plug help needed.

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    Bill A McNeil Guest

    Spark Plug help needed.

    Hey boyz,

    I will have to make up my mind on a decent set of plugs, preferably one step colder than the stock Motorcraft plugs from what I see most are using with great success.

    I forget the final outcome of the SCCOA post that lasted almost a month regarding this back around Christmas time, anybody remember? I'm guessing there was no final verdict, but maybe some key favourites.

    Anyway, the Denso part # is IT20, but I don't know what the stock replacement number would be from them? I may give these a go considering they have been used by some and have been featured in Musangs and FF used on a Lightning to pick up like 30hp. I think it was the Denso if I remember correctly. They are an Iridium spark plug.

    Any input would be helpful.


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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: Spark Plug help needed.

    Check with Dave Dalke(XR7 Dave) I think he uses those fancy pants plugs. Otherwise try the Ford AWSF32PP's and gap them between 45-50 rather than the recommmended 54. Even on the stock plugs a tighter gap then 54 seems to work better.(I remember that long drawn out plug conversation, or a good part of it anyway).

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    sabbySC Guest

    Re: Spark Plug help needed.

    32PP's or get the Denso's Dave is running but rememger your not at the point where you need them yet. NGK makes a decent iridium plug as well.

    For the money I say go with 32pp's once you've got everything running right and tuned properly than you can switch to something more exotic if you feel its needed.

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