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Thread: Blower pulley

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    V6Sprout Guest

    Blower pulley

    Hey guys, whats the easiest way to remove the blower pulley? Do you need a psecial tool like the lightenings do?

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    Wayne Ing Guest

    Re: Blower pulley

    You need a 3 arm puller. Don't use a 2 arm pulley or you'll ruin the pulley.

    BTW, you'll need to remove the thermostat housing if you're doing it on the car.

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    V6Sprout Guest

    Re: Blower pulley

    Yeah 3 arm pullers are the best, but I actually meant the bolt, sorry. How do you keep the pulley from spinning? The blower is off the car right now.

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    superchargedSC Guest

    Re: Blower pulley

    I had to use a impact because the nut was on so tight, I didn't want to but I had no choice. I don't think it would of hurt anything though because there is a spring on the inside that I think acts as a shoct absorber if turned counter clockwise. Before you remome the pulley measure the amount of threads that are showing with the nut on so when you put it together you will know where the nut should be.


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    sabbySC Guest

    Re: Blower pulley

    use a strap wrench on the pulley or just use an impact gun and wrap the stock belt on the pulley.

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    V6Sprout Guest

    Re: Blower pulley

    Cool, thanks guys, another question, does the blower shaft have a keyway for the pulley or is it pressed on and held with a locking nut? I think it has a keyway but need to make sure.


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    Les Borda Guest

    Re: Blower pulley

    It has a keyway so go figure why the hell it is pressed on as tight as it is. Hell I reefed it back on pretty good with a johnson bar and yet when I wacked it with the air tool it went another half turn before it bottomed out.

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    V6Sprout Guest

    Re: Blower pulley

    Thanks Les!

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