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Thread: 1989 tbird sc 3.8

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    Unhappy 1989 tbird sc 3.8

    need some help guys on 1989 sc 3.8

    1. looking for radiator
    2. looking for ignition module
    3. looking for egr value
    4. fule injecter
    all are for sc can any one tell me if i can use some parts off of reg.
    3.8 or not need help fast and bad
    my reg emial is

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    It's all SC specific. Also our cars use a Distributorless Ignition system. So for ignition module it could be the DIS, CoilPack, Cam Sensor, Crank Sensor. All take part in the ignition process.

    The Injectors could be found elsewhere, but you'll want to install full sets if you find you can't match the one you need to replace.

    You can post in the want to buy section and people will find you.

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