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Thread: The Bird Flys Again-ABS Fix

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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    The Bird Flys Again-ABS Fix

    Well, after 3 and a half months, my SC is finally back to normal.

    I had been waiting to order an accumulator from Prior for the longest time, but couldn't wait anymore and got the part from Ford.

    For those of you who don't SC's brakes lost power fuction back in October. I took the car to a mechanic who told me the whole unit was dead rather than just the accumlator. So, I bought another SC which Sean now owns and ripped the ABS unit out of that. Since the guy didn't know how to hook it up, the electric motor died in 4 days.

    So, I decided to tackle it myself...ripped the whole ABS unit out, put the original back in with a new accumulator and she works like a champ.

    After all this effort, I'm reconsidering selling it.

    Thanks to all those who offered advice!

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    SeanMatteson Guest

    Congrats, Steve!

    It's great to hear that you've finally worked out the kinks!

    ...Don't sell her, man!

    BTW, I no longer own that '89... She's scrap metal somewhere!

    I've got lots of parts kicking around though.

    Best regards,


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    Bill A McNeil Guest

    Re: Congrats, Steve!

    I am glad to hear you got it all fixed up. It is painful when problems drag on and on. Hope everything else is great with you!

    Dont sell!!!

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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    Re: Congrats, Steve!

    Well, after spending 6 hours, cutting my hands and splitting my head open, I think that all this effort would make me keep the car for a little longer.

    If I do keep it, it will be turned into a show car. Custom interior, dressed engine bay, etc.

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    Bill A McNeil Guest

    Re: Congrats, Steve!

    Now that's the spirit!

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