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Thread: #14 wire and cooling

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    #14 wire and cooling

    ok,i know we have gone over this a hundred times or so but,if i install a 160 robert shaw thermo,and put in summits water wetter,and cut the #14 wire,the car will run better and this will not hurt the engine.?any input i would appreciate.

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    Water Wetter is good.

    Watch the Robert Shaw thermostat though, 160 is WAY too cool. 180 is pushing it. The stock 197 should be good, mine doesn't really go above the O in NORM.

    Also the design of the Robert Shaw is questionable. It can allow TOO MUCH flow. this is a problem for us because we have such a small radiator, the coolant cann actually flow through so fast it doen't have time to dissapate much heat.

    Personally I wouldn't fool with the thermostat unless there is a problem, like if it is stuck. These housings are delicate. It seems like every time they are removed they start to leak. It took me four tries to finally get mine to seal after fooling around with the thermostats. ( by the way, there was no noticable difference in temp or performance between the 180 and stock for me.)

    Cutting the #14 wire? Thats a new one to me. Don't cut any wires, they are there for a reason. I have heard or people ADDING wiring, to allow them to switch on the cooling fans early if the wish.
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    The pin 14 wire is the low speed fan control wire. If you cut it the fan will run all the time that the key is on. Not beneficial IMO.

    A 160 thermostat is too cool. If the motor does not reach operating temperature the detergents in the oil will not function, your motor will build up excess amounts of moisture and sludge will form. Below 180 degrees motor life is shortened significantly.

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