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Thread: Electrical Gremlins.

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    Angry Electrical Gremlins.

    Here is a list of electrical stuff that is broken/messed up

    1)the temperature guage does not work

    2) when i turn the heater on(push the buttons) sometimes the lights turn off in the buttons, sometimes they stay on, sometimes hlaf of them work, depending on what button

    3) the lumbar and bolsters on the driver seat do not work, it makes the noises, but nothing moves.

    4) the car takes a couple seconds to start, and when it does, you have to give it some gas to keep it from stalling

    5) the check engine light comes on after a couple min of driving, but shuts off when you turn the car off and then turn the key back on, and you cant get it to pull a code

    6) the park brake and anti lock lights come on when you use the brakes

    there is a bunch more, and my stereo was just stolen, but those are the "biggest" problems at the moment
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    check sending unit wire on thermostat housing

    bad connections on the heater modual(what happens if you just tap the heater unit anywhere?)

    air line from pump to bags cracked? ( you can look/feel for a black line near the seat back fold and seat bottom, should be air there)

    remove idle air connector when the car is running, if it doesnt stall might have bad idle air motor(on throttle body)

    it should give a code

    the brake accumulator is bad (black canister beside master cylinder)

    dont put an aftermarket stereo in the car

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