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Thread: Members and potential members, email addresses please!

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    leforrest Guest

    Members and potential members, email addresses please!

    Thanks to the fact that I am SO incredibly organized I have managed to misplace (~Ahem~) DELETE people's email addresses! Would everyone kindly drop your email in this thread? Keep in mind, I will be making a "members" contact list with these! Thanks

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    Gagfish Guest

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    ZOOMBUGGY3 Guest

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    Pete Guest

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    scroach Guest

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    SCrazy Guest

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    Rodeo Joe Guest

    Can I hang around with you guys?! Hehehe!


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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    I think any guy who paints his house to match his Thunderbird has met our "stringent criterion"!!!
    :lol: :rollin:

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    Pete Guest

    I knew I liked a white SC for some reason.

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    SCrazy Guest

    Turd Brown with Blue Trim? NO WAY

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    supafly223 Guest

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    mopar Guest

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    brianas Guest

    new member

    Josh Brianas
    Groton, MA.
    1990 sc

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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    Mailing addresses needed from new members

    To New Members,
    I will (in the not too distant future) be doing some mailings to our members. I should be getting our "" decals sooner or later, so if you would like one (I'll also include a small amount of club business cards) I'll need everyone's mailing address if I don't already have it. I do have most members already, but if you're new, and I don't have your info, please drop me an email.
    -Jeff S
    <a href="</a>

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    Dec 2003
    I have an 1994 SC for sale in the New England area. Email me at if you are interested

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