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Thread: New best.

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    New best.

    Well I went to St Thomas today, I met up with Johnny O. Your car is sweet

    anyway it was really hot today and as a result everyone was running really slow. Anyhow to make a long story short I managed a new best ET today but the MPH was slower than before. Anyway a new best ET is still a new best ET previous best was 13.4@104.8 still couldn't cut better than a 2.05 60' though.
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    Well I can say I managed to get a sunburn, get schooled by an Acura and run the slowest ET's and MPH's I've ever hit. All in all it was a decent day though. I'll post a link of us racing once I get it. Oh and yes Sabby did school me too.. like a Viper passing a school bus.

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    Sabby, nice run! What mods are you running with?

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