I am rebuilding my 92 SC, I would like to go with floating pistons. Can anyone push me in a good direction, that would be comprable to a stock compression, and give me the benefit of floating pistons? KB pistons? Wiseco Pistons? I would also like to use some chromoly rings when I put it back together.

My plans are, to get a new cam, slightly more agressive than stock, because I will be radius and blending the heads, as well as opening them up a bit, and a 3 degree job. The exhaust is dual 2 1/4" to 3" to dual 2 1/2". I am going to be sending the manifolds and SC top out to tbird88, I will be getting a 190 lph fuel pump from scperformance. My hopes are to send out the blower and get it upgraded to a magnaport II, and get the MP2 intake plentium also. The AOD will be rebuilt by a local shop that I trust, and new driveshaft U joints put in. Hoses will be all replaced, radiator replaced, waterpump and other accessories replaced with new (not referb'd). If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks much.