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Thread: Very mad

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    pimped90sc Guest

    Very mad

    I live in Glen Cove, Long Island.
    Last night me and my boys were just chilling getting some food from 7-eleven. when i walk out the store i must of seen at least 10 RICERS. they were all sitting there revving their leaf blowers. one of them is my brothers friend and i asked him what the f*** is going on here. he said its the Acura Racing Team. LOL. i couldnt stop laughing about it the whole night. Too bad i didnt have my whip with me or else i wouldve burned all there asses.

    Fellow SCer's, I am going to find out the next time they are meeting. I would like to raid their little RICE Eating Parade.

    Muscle Cars welcome too, we are in America, we have to show the RICE what we are made of. LOL

    Please Respond if you would be interested in joining, leave ur email address, bc not that many people check this board.



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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: Very mad

    I live on Long Island, too. I don't read my mail that much. My cell # is 5163223837.

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    91TBIRDSCX766DM6 Guest

    Re: Very mad

    im in just tell me when

    "Down with the RICE Burners"

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