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Thread: parts still for sale from 89 sc

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    goose1513 Guest

    parts still for sale from 89 sc

    You pay shipping!!!! I am located in Freeport and Shirley New York. You can reach me at work at (516)-378-4498 ask for Glen,or you can e-mail me at

    Supercharger- $300
    Front windshield- $100
    Rear windshield- $100
    Driver side window- $50
    Sc Steering wheel Black - $35
    driver side power seat grey cloth - $90
    Passenger side power seat grey cloth- $90
    Manual 5 speed transmission- $200
    Driverside door mirror power w/o chrome molding - $50
    passenger side door mirror w/o chrom molding power- $50
    Drivers side door white- $75
    Passengerside door white- $75
    Rear end- $150
    driver side valve cover- $20
    Passenger side valve cover- $20

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    black thunder1995 Guest

    i'll give you $50 for both seats...

    that is the going rate at a j-yard for power seats from any car expecially for cloth. if they were leather I would give you the asking price. Take it or leave it!


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    GONE14S Guest

    Re: i'll give you $50 for both seats...

    I think i need to come over there and shop. There 150.00 here in Sac. Ca
    Kurt Sr

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    Kirk Bryan Guest


    Do you still have the radiator?


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    goose1513 Guest


    no sorry

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