SCCoA/TBSCEC Merger Proposal Background

As the new owner of the SCCoA, I have a proposal about the SCCoA and the TBSCEC Clubs that I wanted to present to the officers for consideration and possible approval by your membership. Since I have purchased the SCCoA from Bill Evanoff and will be facilitating moving the club in the direction of self-rule by the membership, I am proposing that we merge the two clubs into one entity. Most of the reasoning behind this is that we are a very small group of specialty car owners and I believe that a larger single organization can accomplish our mutual goals for the SC/XR7 family of cars.

Although Duffy and I recently discussed the possibilities of this merger, the only commitment that he made was to present this to the TBSCEC Officers for consideration. Duffyís understanding is that it would require a vote of the membership as well to formalize any such ďradicalĒ change in the status of the TBSCEC.

I have purchased the rights to the SCCoA Club, Domain name, Website, past ďCharginí ThunderĒ publications and anything else associated with the SCCoA. But that purchase was never my final goal. I want the membership of the club to own the club. I also believe it to be fair that I be allowed to recover the funds I paid for the club through a portion of the collected membership dues and contributions. I am still not sure of what capacity I wish to serve in the future for the club, but will carry on as administrator and board member until I have recovered monies spent on behalf of the club. I realize it may take a year or more to recover my investment, but I have no intent of pulling such a large percentage of the funds collected out of the club treasury, so as to jeopardize the operations of the club. All club monies back to 1/1/2003 will be accounted for in monthly posts in a new SCCoA accounting forum.

If you wish to view some of the details of the SCCoA purchase including the contract and the plans for the immediate future of the club, please visit the SCCoA BBS and look at the Announcement on any of the boards for more details.

Some of the plans I hold for the SCCoA include the following. I am striving to have SCCoA elections for officers to be in place by 1/1/2005. Everyone knows it will take a lot of work to make it by then. I cannot promise what kind of official structure will be established by the club, but all members will have a chance to have a say in what it will become. While I am not offering positions to other club officers, we may need their assistance during the transition phase of the merger and it is my hope that all of you will be willing to help as your schedules and lives permit.

The SCCoA will become a recognized not for profit organization as allowed for in IRS regulations and the state in which it is established. Inaugural board members for that organization would be myself, Ron DiPaola and Duffy Floyd. Future positions on the board may become part of the officers of the club.

Very short-term goals will be to get the ďCharginí ThunderĒ back out there in some form, either paper or electronic. Weíll also be seeking to get more members involved in assisting with club activities. Setting up of a memberís only forum to facilitate discussions on the clubís future direction will be a high priority.

I am positive that I have not covered everything, but all topics are open for discussion either through phone, email or I could be allowed to answer questions directly on your Officerís Forum, if given access. You could also choose to have Duffy or another officer bring all issues back to me for negotiation and resolution. One last request I have of the officers is to keep this as confidential as possible until you turn it over to your membership for discussion and possible vote. It would be my preference to inform both clubs at roughly the same time when this goes public.

I realize I am asking your club membership to put a lot of trust in myself, Ron and Duffy. Hopefully, having seen our collective actions for car owners in the past will make this easier for you. I ask that we put aside any past differences we had that actually had nothing to do with the cars or members and go forward as one large group. In the final analysis, the club will be shaped by the membership that we are able to attract.

SCCoA/TBSCEC Merger Proposal

1) Current members of the TBSCEC would automatically become an SCCoA member for all the time left on their current TBSCEC membership. Any former member of the SCCoA may retain their old membership number, if desired. (There is a more detailed explanation of each type of membership conversion at the end of this document.)

2) The dues for new SCCoA membership will be $15 annually for each individual. At this time, there will be no different types of memberships.

3) Technical forums from the TBSCEC will be converted to the SCCoA site format and will become a new memberís only area. That means only paying SCCoA members will be allowed to view and post to those forums. Exceptions to this are the TBSCEC Classifieds forum, FAQ forum, Events and Meets forum, and Group Buys forum that will be merged with the existing SCCoA forums and may be viewed and posted by all members and guests. The TBSCEC Discussion, Accounting, Elections, Officerís forum, Voting Booth and Test Forum will not be converted. All of the other forums currently on the SCCoA will stay open to both members and guests who drop by the board. (There is a more detailed list of the proposed disposition of all TBSCEC forums at the bottom of this document.) Once we get a solid membership base in a few months, we will then setup a memberís only election forum for online voting by the membership. The TBSCEC EZBoard Account will be allowed to lapse at its next renewal date. Pat DiPersia is the registered owner of that BBS and all rights to it will remain with him.

4) All ďauthorizedĒ funds held in the TBSCEC Club Treasury will revert to the Treasury of the SCCoA. ďAuthorizedĒ funds refers to those funds specifically approved for transfer by current TBSCEC member who either donated them or paid them in the form of TBSCEC dues. In the case where a person who donated funds or paid dues is not currently a TBSCEC member, approval by the TBSCEC Officers and Membership to merge shall be considered as approval to transfer those funds. These funds will be used to support the current SCCoA website as well as return a portion of the funds I have expended as outlined above.

5) A co-administrator position in the SCCoA is extended to the elected TBSCEC president, Duffy Floyd. This will give your whole club representation in the merged club before elections are held. This is not an assistant position; Duffy and I will co-administer the club until we can get a fully elected slate of officers. Ron DiPaola will remain on as SCCoA Webmaster for the foreseeable future and also play a big part in interim club decision-making.

Proposed Disposition of all TBSCEC Forums:

TBSCEC Discussion Not converted
Events and Meets Merged
Accounting Not converted
Elections Not converted
TBSCEC Officerís Forum Not converted
Voting Booth Not converted
Classifieds Merged
Group Buys Merged
Supplierís New Parts New, memberís only forum
TBSCEC Discounts Merged (for vendors that will still offer discounts)
Appearance & Detailing New, memberís only forum
Audio New, memberís only forum
Brakes New, memberís only forum
Drivetrain New, memberís only forum
Electrical New, memberís only forum
Misc New, memberís only forum
Performance New, memberís only forum
Suspension New, memberís only forum
Drivetrain (Archive 1) New, memberís only forum
Misc (Archive 1) New, memberís only forum
Performance (Archive 1) New, memberís only forum
Test Forum Not converted

TBSCEC to SCCoA Membership Conversions:

TBSCEC converted student memberships: All months left on TBSCEC membership converted directly to SCCoA membership months. Any member that has lapsed can pay the TBSCEC the TBSCEC rate and have that time remaining transferred to the SCCoA. In other words, if the student membership lapsed in April, that member can pay the TBSCEC now and receive credit for any months left once the merger is finalized.

TBSCEC converted family memberships: All months left on TBSCEC membership (with only any number of members in family) converted directly to SCCoA membership months for each person in the family. Any family contract that has lapsed can pay the TBSCEC the TBSCEC rate and have that time remaining transferred to the SCCoA. In other words, if the student membership lapsed in April, that member can pay the TBSCEC now and receive credit for any months left once the merger is finalized.

TBSCEC single memberships: All months left on TBSCEC membership converted to SCCoA membership months by a factor of 1.33 and rounded up to the nearest whole month. Any member that has lapsed can pay the TBSCEC the TBSCEC rate and have that time remaining transferred to the SCCoA at the factor of 1.33. In other words, if the single membership lapsed in April, that member can pay the TBSCEC now and receive credit for any months x 1.33 left once the merger is finalized. So if a member has 9 months remaining on the TBSCEC membership they would receive 12 months of SCCoA membership credit.

New dues owed to the SCCoA once the TBSCEC membership conversion period expires will be $15 until dues amounts are changed by the SCCoA leadership, not expected before 1/1/05.

If any current TBSCEC member has paid for multiple dues years into the future, all that membership time will be converted at the above conversion rates, even if it extends past the potential dues change date of 1/1/05. This only applies to TBSCEC members who are currently (as of 5/1/3) on the TBSCEC books as having paid future dues.