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Thread: LOOKING TO BUY 94-95 5 spd.

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    Ktd SC Guest

    LOOKING TO BUY 94-95 5 spd.

    hey everyone i posed a topic before this and i live in putnam county in carmel NY(about an hour north from NYC). And im looking for a black,silver, or white T-Bird SC. Im gona buy a car in spring and im positive i want the SC REALY BADDDD. Please help me find one around here (im looking to spend at most like 7,500. and i was thinkin about buying eugines t-bird and i dont realy want it cause i want the black,silver, or white color and i dont have the money to paint it. So if anyone can please help me find one


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    m6t442 Guest

    94-95 SC

    I remeber seeing one online(car trader maybe?) at a used car dealership in Nanutet. It was white, not sure of other details.... But its cool to see another young person interested in an American powerhouse such as an SC, instead of some stupid ricer... I have a 35th myself, an hate when some one in school tells me about their stupid honda and how much better it is compared to an SC, when they never even heard about one or even seen one. You go to Carmel high? I'm in harrison?

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    Michael Hoddy Guest

    '94-'95 SC's for sale

    The white one I think you're referring to was in Suffern, NY, and I'm almost certain it has sold. I was kind of looking at that one too.

    I'm not seeing much in the way of 94-95 for sale in NY-NJ right now...

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    Ktd SC Guest


    yea i goto carmel hight and im in 10th grade at the moment, and all my friends talk about the ricers to and i continuisly win the battles cause i goto car and and i prove the sc is better with like everything, its so great winning. Anyway yea i love the sc sooo mutch, im looking forward to getting one, im turning 16 april 15... ttyl, peace

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    L train Guest

    Re: looking for a 94-95 5spd SC

    I am also looing for a SC 5spd. Preferably with slightly lower miles(65000-80000) for around $7000. i'm in college in Michigan right know, but will be home for the holidays next week. If anyone happens to know of one in the upper midwest lett me know about it also please.

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    MN12 KID Guest


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    I have an auto 1994 SC for sale in CT. Email me back if you are intested.

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