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Thread: ABS Pump Motor

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    ABS Pump Motor

    Hey guys, Well today my ABS pump decided to take a crap on me. I have already replaced the accumulator, and the brown pump relay. I depressurized the system and listened for the pump. It comes on but barely, it seems to be straining. All I hear is some low pitched girgle and slight clicking from the pump motor itself. My question is, can I just replace the motor? Or should I kick out the major dough and get a whole new unit from Prior? Could I just go get a pump motor out of another another car that has the same system? I know I will not find any SC's in my local scrapyard. I need to fix this crap 2 hours ago. Thanks guys.

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    I would go ahead and replace the entire hydraulic unit. I don't think you can swap just the pump. If you recently purchased a new accumulator, you may be able to cut a deal with Prior. When my brakes went south, I bought the accumulator from Prior to see if that would fix it. When I determined that I needed the whole unit, they sold me the system without the accumulator. They are good folks to work with....Ask for Rick Fletcher.

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