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Thread: Got the '89 pulley on the 95 sc...

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    Got the '89 pulley on the 95 sc...

    Just wanted to say thanks to Thomas A for coming over tonight (11:00 PM) and helping me get my pulley changed. We got it done for tomorrow night at the strip. I'm interested to know how much that pulley will help my time out...

    Just a side note for any of you moreknowledgable sc guru's out there: Is the jack shaft pulley (Not sure if it's the correct name or not, but it's the pully that drives the SC.) back to the question: Is that pulley the same on all supercoupes, or was it different on the '94-95 supercoupes. I know that an '89 pulley on a 94-95 sc will equate to about 3% overdrive. I have a 95 sc on my '89 and until tonight it had the stock '95 pulley on it. That belt was tight as a AA*(&^&*@#*&^@%( to get off. I'm just wondering if the '94-95 jackshaft pulley was slightly smaller since the sc on those were more efficient. If any one could shed some light I'd appreciate it.

    Also just for fun, I've never seen my boost guage go so close to 15lbs. I'm not sure if it'll make it or not as I was at about 80 and felt I should slow down since it was at 12:30 am local time. But I do know that it was a strong 14 lbs of boost. I never got more than about 11 to 12 before. I'd say that I got close to 2 lbs of boost for that pulley change. Thanks again Tomas for helping out. We'll see how much I can pull it on my crappy street tires tomorrow night (and a fram air filter unless I can find someone with a K&N I can bum for a trip...)

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    The jackshaft pulley is the same for all 89 - 95 SC.

    I have an early blower pulley on my 95, I wouldn't want any more OD than that ... boost is plenty. And it was a lot cheaper than an aftermarket blower pulley !!

    Ed Nicholson

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    Hey Sam - If you read this before going to Scribner tonight, I've got a K&N panel you can borrow for the track. Also have a 7" cone that you can borrow if you want. The cone doesn't have a heatshield or anything. It's just the filter.

    I won't be leaving my house until about 7pm - give me a call on my cell (402-533-0875) since I probably won't check my e-mail before I walk out the door.

    -Andy "Melon"

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