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    I am looking to build my own exhaust and i have been reading some of the threads but i am hoping one of the more experienced members will read this and ok it. I Have a Completely stock 94 auto SC and i am getting ready to change the exhaust. I wanna put some header and down tubes then run 2.5 duals all the way back all i want is a resonator. Is this posible without the cats or will my car run really weird. Also about how much power increase will i obtain with this exhaust and a 10% overdrive pulley.

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    Assuming the resonator will have dual inlets and dual outlets, yes you can do it and the car should run fine. However without mufflers it may sound louder/worse than you think. Unless your planning on a big cam and ported heads with oversized valves, porting the stock manifolds will provide plenty of flow. I wouldn't expect more than a 10 or 15 HP increase from the exhaust, even with the headers.

    On a stock SC the 10% would be stronger on the bottom end but may consume more power than it makes on the top end. The pulley should add around 20 but putting a 10% pulley on a 94/95 blower is like a 13% on an early model SC. I would suggest a 5% instead, which is like 8% on an early model.

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