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    Ok so where do you put the vacuum line on the fuel pressure side of a dry kit?

    I will be installing the n2o nozzle in the lower ic tube.

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    Re: nitrous

    It plugs into a regulator thing "teed" between 2 nitrous valves in series. You need a T to hook up to the regulator and the nitrous regulator.

    The system I have is a 75 shot dry for a Mustang. The Nitrous flows through a -4an line to a nitrous solenoid then to a T where there is a pressure regulator with a vacuum fitting near the top, this port goes to another T. One side of the T goes to the fuel pressure reg and the other side goes to the original vacuum line. After the T that runs to the regulator there is another nitrous solenoid then on to the nozzle. Basically it bleeds some of the pressure from the nitrous to raise the fuel pressure.


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    Thanks Jeff

    Now for the 64 dollar question. What do you recommend for jetting.

    I want to start with a 75 shot since everything is basically stock.

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    If your exhaust is still stock, I'd get that fixed before you press any buttons to instant power.

    Highly restrictive, the stock exhaust is often a large component of head gasket failure on these cars.

    #1 is the pinched exhaust resonator.
    #2 is the stock down tubes, especially on the drivers side where it has a 90 degree corner.
    #3 is the 1989-1993(?) fuel tanks force a nasty route for the exhaust to take.

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    Arrow thanks

    Thanks Mike

    I have a magnaflow resonator. I will put straight pipes where the cats are but I want to leave the mufflers.

    I will only spray 75hp. The motor was rebuilt in 97 with what I assume are the revised head I suspect they should hold up a little better than the 89 versions

    Any idea on jetting?

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