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Thread: 89 to 94 Front Bumper Swap

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    Question 89 to 94 Front Bumper Swap

    Hello Everyone. Another question must be asked. Is it possible to swap bumps, lights, and hood from a 94 SC to a 89 SC? Does it require modifications to the older front end or the 94 bumper? How difficult is the job? I am not 100% sure but it appears the SWB_005 SC is a 93 but the front was changed to look like a 94 SC. Thank you for any suggestions and comments you guys may have.

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    The steel chassis of the 89-97 thunderbirds is all the same. When changes occured it was only in sheet metal. You can swap in the front bumper cover, header panel, lights, and hood without any problem other than paying for it all.

    Here is a link to a writeup of a guy who swapped his 94 front over to the 97 with HID lights.

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    My SWB #005 is actually an 89 SC with a 94-95 SC bumper and 96-97 Thunderbird headlights. It has a modified 89 Cervinis hood to tie it all toghether.

    Like Mike posted, most any combo will work as long as you have the right parts.

    This recent thread on the Ontario board has some info about the headlight swap:

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    Cool Great Info

    This is some great information guys, thanks! Does anyone knows where a can get more information on the SWB #005 car? I have done a google search on the SWB and there was only one site that had pics but know real specs on the car.

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    E-mail george (post above) with your questions. It's his car.

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    I probably know a couple of things about it, since SWB #005 is mine. I have plans to include more stuff on my site, but have been too busy to update. Here is a list of some mods done to it. If you want more information please email me (address is in sig) or post additional questions. (David Dalke, XR7 Dave also owns SWB #003 and may be able to provide additional information. We also have another member, Jeff Jacobucci, SWB001 that has SWB #001 and also posts occasionally.)

    The builder of the cars, Doug Kielian has a website for his shop, Auto Kraft and it has some info on SWB #006 which is a Lincoln Mark VIII.

    1989 Ford Thunderbird SC SWB #005 Modifications List:


    Wheel base shortened 8" (between door and rear wheelwell)
    Flaired rear fenders
    Shortened side moldings
    96-97 Thunderbird headlamps
    96-97 Clear corner turning lamps
    94-95 Thunderbird SC front bumper
    Cervini's fiberglass hood (89 hood modified to fit '96 lights and '94 front bumper)
    92-93 Trunk lid and lights
    Xenon rear urethane spoiler
    96-97 Thunderbird door handles
    Paint: Original Twilight Blue with extra pearl and metallic flakes


    13" Mustang Cobra front calipers & slotted rotors
    11" Mustang Cobra rear calipers & slotted rotors
    Mustang 5 on 4 1/2" bolt pattern
    1 1/4 front and rear sway bars
    Mark VIII aluminum lower rear control arms
    Raxles super shafts rear half-shafts
    Boyd Coddington "Rodder" custom directional aluminum wheels
    Michelin Pilot Sport Tires: 245/50/17 front, 285/45/17 rear
    Tokico 1.5" lowering springs and shocks, front and rear
    Jacking rails
    Kenny Brown front and rear subframe braces


    HP Motorsports custom built dual 2.5" stainless exhaust with X-pipe
    Borla Mufflers
    Random Technologies High Flow catalytic converters
    Custom long tube headers with 1 7/8" primary tubes
    Jet Hot 2000 degree black header coating
    Oval polished stainless steel exhaust tips (Clint Kendall - New Zealand)

    Engine/Transmission/Drive Train

    Coy Miller Racing Engines Stage II High Performance Supercharged 3.8L V6
    94-95 Eaton Supercharger, "S" Model
    Raised Supercharger top
    10% overdrive on Supercharger pulley
    ASP underdrive pulleys for alternator and water pump
    Magnum Powers inlet plenum
    85mm Magnum Powers Throttle body
    77mm Pro-M MAF
    Accel 9000 series plug wires
    9" AutoPhysics cone filter with custom stainless steel housing
    Chrome 3.5" intake tube
    Double sized intercooler
    Griffin radiator Polished with custom top)
    Stainless steel hose ends and braided hose covers
    Generous amounts of powder coated parts
    Generous amounts of chrome plated parts
    Generous amounts polished aluminum and stainless steel parts
    High performance transmission with Art Carr parts
    SVO wide ratio transmission gears
    Art Carr 2800 RPM stall, 10" non-lockup convertor
    Art Car one piece transmission input shaft
    Lentech valve body with overdrive delete
    Aluminum driveshaft
    Mark VIII aluminum differential housing with 3.55 gears
    Auburn Pro locking differential

    Roll cage
    Re-uphostered seats with custom "SWB" embroidery
    Custom vinyl covered dash

    Short SWB Car History

    SWB Thunderbirds:

    Actually the prototype car, now belongs to Jeff Jacobucci. NON SC. Started out as a "body in white". Never had a motor or other parts until Jeff bought and fixed up.

    Kenny Brown show car now owned by Rich Labarbra in PA. Blew up V6, now a 351. Wrecked in front.

    Stephanie Kielians's SC V6. Was originally white, then went to Doug's signature grabber blue color. Once owned by Jay Leno's buddy. Now in AZ, owned by Scott Drappen. Built from two SC Thunderbirds. Had about 80,000 miles at the time. Now owned by David Dalke of Ohio.

    Body shell in titanium. Sold to employee, still in construction as a tubbed out racer.

    Custom built for owner, George Davenport of Ohio.

    Mark VIII, still being driven by the builder, Doug Kielian of Auto Kraft. Built from two Mark VIIIs.

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    My God George! Every time I see your car I drewl all over the place. That is the most beautiful bird I beleive I've ever seen.
    I showed a picture of it to my uncle, we build alot of custom street rods together. I have to keep him out of my shop cause if he's in there for 15 minutes he'll have my bird cut in half!
    He wants to do that so bad he cant stand it!

    I had no idea there were other members here with SWB. I thought you were the only one here.

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    Red face

    Ooppss! I did not see the email to George, but man did I get the hole list of goodies by gldiii! Man thank you!!

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    Question Help

    I am about to buy a 1990 sc and I want to do a 94-95 bumper with 96-97 headlights and not sure what hood will fit best and line up 89-93? or 94-95? or 96-97? also how much surgery am i lookin at for the newer headlights? do the 95 headlights bolt right on? thanks

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