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Thread: if you are going on saturday read my post under...

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    black thunder1995 Guest

    if you are going on saturday read my post under...

    silicone reaceway for a meeting point. :evil: :smokin:

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    m6t442 Guest

    Jan 6th meet

    i am not a meember of the club yet, but I live close by to the mall and would like to know if I can join use guys? I do have a 90 Anniversary, and i am planning to join the club.

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    Pat DiPersia Guest

    Re: Jan 6th meet

    Absolutely! Be there, or be Dennis (OUCH!)

    Think we're meeting at 2ish, I'm sure you can read the other posts to realize we really don't know what we're doing, where we're meeting, or anything. I'll try to wear my black SC sweatshirt, so. . .

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    KwikSC Guest

    What i think

    Is that the best you can come up with Big Perm? Well anyhow i think black's idea of where to meet is the best bet (i have never been to this mall so i dont know what iz where).. Anyone disagree? If not then thats where we meetin at 2ish...


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    black thunder1995 Guest

    Re: Jan 6th meet

    come along dude I need more real people to lap in the simulator.

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