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Thread: What to do with my sc

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    Question What to do with my sc

    I bought an 89 sc 153,000 miles for 500 bucks I noticed it was idleing ruff and "back firering" when you gave it gas the seller told me it was the exhaust come to find out it was the head gaskets. How do I know if the bottom end is gonna hold up if I just replace the head gaskets. Also there is a knocking is the super charger on idle and goes away when you give it gas what should I look for and what can I do to it as far as mantinence while I have it off the car

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    Well odds are if HG's are blown water was was getting in. water does not combust and causes to much pressure and can result in spun bearings and broken pistons and rings. If it was ever low on oil there is probable damage. these blocks are tough and can take alot of abuse. do a compression test to check for ring and valve damage. If you are serious about fixing stop driving it before more damage occurs. Not much you can do with super charger except change fluid. You go any further with supercharger you might as well do a total rebuild.

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    I wouldn't run it with a head gasket out. Check and make sure no coolant is getting into the oil. if coolant has gotten into the oil, you can be pretty sure that you will need to replace the bearings. Coolant in oil becomes acidic and destroys the bearing surfaces very quickly.

    you can check for the noise by removing the belt from the sC tot the jackshaft. The engine will run without that. see if you still get the noise. If not, the noise was from the sC. If you do, then you know it's not the SC.

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