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Thread: Wierd Problem- Experts help

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    I hate to raise the dead on a 3 year old topic, but before wasting bandwidth with a new topic I wanted to ask a question.

    I'm having the same problem on my car as billabong was, but the difference is that mine is a '94. I had to redo the timing chain cover as it was cracked internally by the previous owner and after doing some reworking, the valve chatter is gone, the inability to continue running is gone, and now the only thing left is what acts like 2 dead cylinders. We used the factory Ford Service Technician's website to track down and install all parts associated with the front and top of the motor as well as the wiring for the fuel injectors, and the firing order. I want to check to see if I should follow the same diagrams/procedures with checking the resistance on the coil pack (which was purchased and installed last week) checking the spark plugs and wires, and checking the DIS module.

    Thanks for any help...

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    Did you allign the Camshaft position sensor correctly? Maybe the sensor is bad.

    Disconnect the cam sensor before starting, then try to start the car. You may have to cycle ON and OFF a few times, because the PCM has to guess when to fire. Should work for ya. If the car runs better, than your cam sesor is bad. If there is no difference, then it is some where else.

    Let us know what happens.

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