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Thread: SC/XR7 Shootout Dyno Competition Rules

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    Post SC/XR7 Shootout Dyno Competition Rules

    Dyno Competition Rules

    The dyno competition will be broken down into 3 classes.





    Each class will follow the same rules as for the track class breakdowns. In addition to those rules the following rules will apply on the dyno.

    Dyno only rules:

    1.Use of NOS (nitrous oxide) prohibited.

    2.Each participant gets 2 pulls to produce their max TQ and HP. The maximum numbers will be used. Ex. If the max HP is from pull #1 and max TQ from pull #2.

    3.If the dyno has a malfunction or if the car downshifts a 3rd pull will be allowed.

    4.No tuning will be allowed between pulls.

    5.Stock ET goes first.

    6.Modified cars go second.

    7.Super-Modified goes last.

    8.Cars in each class will be placed in a random order.

    9.Awards will go to the highest #ís in each class.


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    WOW! it is not a Sticky: post?

    I think this shootout stuff needs its own forum. I'm just tired of seeing the same OLD! sticky: post every time I visit the forums..

    -ps- Joining the club should be a link not a stick post

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    I think I know who is going to win. Dam son you build jets for the navy or something?

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