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Thread: Ideas about our forum

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    8ate8 Guest

    Ideas about our forum

    OK, would you guys rather keep our current forum here on ezboard, or would you rather we get our own on ezboard so we can make different sub-boards. Like separate forums for pictures, upcoming meets, tech board, off-topic board, etc?

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    ReDevilXR7 Guest

    I'm game for a new forum...push comes to shove and it doesn't work out we can always go back to EZBoard right?



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    lube70 Guest

    OK, I think that we should try whatever. I think that we should keep the SCCOA board here in case of problems and so that other SCCOA chapters can contact us. I am in for doing anything that promotes us. I really think that we should keep this here because we owe our club to Bill Hull and Bill Evanoff.

    So on that note, go for it Jim, and let's keep this one open as well.

    Don O'Neill, Jr.

    Bumped from #1 by Bob # 2 in SC ownership.

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    8ate8 Guest

    Well we'll still keep this one of course. We'll just make a new ezboard and have our own separate forums to divide it up a bit more. I'll get one set up tomorrow.

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