The Ford's at Carslile show is May 31-June1&2. Reservations can be made at 1-800-800-8000 for the Super 8 hotel. Tell them you are with the Super Coupe Club (Bill-All Fords). Make sure you tell them the 100 Alexandria Springs Rd. one.

This is IMPORTANT!!!!!!! Rooms are limited!!! Cost is $88.88 a night.

Make your reservations NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone interested in more into, follow previous link about the next meeting.

This show is the National Ford Meet in North America. HUGE SHOW!!!!!! They have a chasis dyno on hand, large fairgrounds, and a lot of S.C. will be there. Last year, we had 70 S.C.'s there!!!!!!

Caravan leaving Friday morning to go on May 31st.

For further info, contact me (Don) at 973-277-4294, or Bryan at (201) 703-1864 or Jesse at (201) 686-4288.