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Thread: Just picked the SC up from the shop

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    Just picked the SC up from the shop

    Well after 3 weeks, my IC pipes are done on the SC. I bought a Spearco IC and mounted it parallel with the bottom of the bumper and then I needed new tubes made.

    I took it to JPS motorsports in the AirPark. They did a GREAT! job. It was a bit expensive but I think it was worth it. I will post pic as soon as I get the Radiator and other stuff in.

    I also have a miss to work out. I will either die working on the car or I will go broke!

    Word of advice for you mostly stock SCer's KEEP IT THAT WAY!!


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    It's tough keeping them stock though. Our cars are like the lottery, If we don't play we can't win. Also, if we don't play we can't lose. Makes me wonder why I picked such an expensive car to work on and modify, then I get in a remember. Glad to here you got it back, can't wait to see the pictures.

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    If i can get it to where my SC is my weekend warrior,I will be ignoring your advice as much as monetarily possible! While it's still my daily driver,your word is bond.


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