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Thread: 91 SC Odometer

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    Cool 91 SC Odometer

    Just picked up my 91 SC and the previous owner did not bother to inform me that the Odometer did not work. When I found out and called him on it, he then informed me that the dealership that he bought the vehichle from would replace if for "no charge". They claim the part is on order but there is no telling how long it might take to get the part in. Can anyone suggest anything to me. Where might I go for a new or reconditioned one. I am at a loss. I really liked the car though so I made the call to keep the car.

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    You can buy a used one on Ebay or the classified portion of these forums (parts for sale) for relatively cheap.

    I have one you can have for $25, but it reads on kilometers (and miles). It would certainly make for an interesting excuse for speeding in Hawaii!

    Good luck!

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    I have several odometers from 'Birds, SC's, and XR7's. $20+shipping and its yours. It reads in miles.

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