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Thread: New supercoupe owner in the ranks!

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    Hibuckhobby Guest

    New supercoupe owner in the ranks!

    I took the plunge today. I have been looking at a number of higher mileage (but nice)SC's over the last weeks, but today I came across a 1994 with just 29,000 actual miles. One female owner since new. Very, very nice condition. It was at a ford dealership and I got it for $8,200, which seemed a real decent price.

    It's an unusual color...kind of a turqoise or aqua blue. It has grey leather, auto electric moonroof...etc. NO squeaks or rattles.

    Hope to learn more about the car and attend some gatherings in the future.

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Re: New supercoupe owner in the ranks!

    I think that is a really good deal! Considering I paid $16 for my '94 with 21k miles on it. Maybe that is because mine was only two years old at the time. I am sure years depreciate as well as miles. I have the original window sticker, it was nearly $27k!

    Did you get an auto or 5-speed? Where are you located?

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    FrontMountIC Guest

    Re: New supercoupe owner in the ranks!

    were did you buy the car. I have a woman who owns a teal sc here on the island and i was wondering if she sold it.


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    Hibuckhobby Guest

    Re: New supercoupe owner in the ranks!

    I live in northern Illinois. Bought it from a deal in Belvidere, Ill., One was a woman who drove it summers. No mods currently, but will probably start with exhaust next spring. May get a time yet this fall as a baseline.

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