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Thread: converting a '96 cougar 3.8L to a SC 3.8L

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    randy2400h Guest

    converting a '96 cougar 3.8L to a SC 3.8L

    I am currently in the process of aquiring a stock supercharger off a '93 3.8L cougar, so that I can swap it onto my '96 cougar XR-7 with a stock 3.8L. Now I have a performance chip that can be reprogrammed to help shifting patterns and fuel air mixtures. I am however mechanically enclined enough to now that most likely the wiring is not going to match up and the pulleys and belt pattern are going to have to change, which by the way I haven't figured out how I am going to pull that one off. I would appreciate any help from someone who can approach the subject better than I obviously can. Thanks, Randy

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    Re: converting a '96 cougar 3.8L to a SC 3.8L

    This topic has come up several times. You are asking for trouble. The whole SC engine is modified to take the abuse the supercharging adds. The compression ratio is higher in a N/A 3.8L, that will likely kill your engine quickly when the boost comes on. Either get a whole SC engine, or check into the Vortech centrifugal SC that is made for the 3.8L Mustang. THose will both cost a couple thousand probably. But sticking an Eaton on your stock engine will more than likely leave you without a working car.

    If the normal 3.8L could take the supercharging easily Ford would have never spent the money developing the rest of the SC engine.

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    jrinehart Guest

    Yep, Andy's right.

    If you are willing to drop about 5 grand; transplant a 99 3.8 Mustang Motor, and add the Vortec kit. You would be looking at about 300 hp.

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