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Thread: irregular tire wear

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    scroach Guest

    irregular tire wear


    i checked my front tires today, and the inside of both is worn to the metal. the car is off the road until i get new rubber up front (and probably all around).

    From what i understand, this is caused by excessive negative camber. how much does an alignment job cost? also, could this be caused by bad ball joints, shocks, or springs?


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    RKT4Aaron Guest

    Re: irregular tire wear

    yep, they could all contribute to your neg camber problem. an alignment usually costs about 60 bucks.

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    94TbirdSC Guest

    negative camber

    hey this could also be a toe out problem. (toe is most critical tire wearing angle)

    about 60$ for a 4 wheel alignment\


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    sorry for repeat of previous comment but I'm dying to get answer to this....

    I recently found I have a possible front end problem on 2 of my SCs....the tire wear was actually very good.....about 50K miles on Firestone SE?30s and the other has a Cooper something....

    but the strange thing is that the inside of the tire, about only an inch and a half worth, looks as if it had been rubbing on something. On the one set it's down just to the cord....bummer, I could have possibly got another 10K out of them.

    I've never seen anything like this....the tire is otherwise worn very if there is no real angular problem.

    Does the SC front end, when out of camber....cause this very pronounced "inside edge wear"????

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