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Thread: It's time to go racin' again

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    It's time to go racin' again

    I'd like to go to SilverDollar on sat. Feb. 16th and Atlanta Dragway on Mar 2nd. These are test and tune dates. Alternate date would be Feb 23rd at either dragstrip. Who's game to go? Post it here or e-mail me.

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    Dan Lineback Guest

    Re: It's time to go racin' again

    I could probably do Silver Dollar on the 23rd. Don't think I could make it on the 16th or 2nd.

    Got the 3.73's in the 91, and will have a 5% pulley on it in a few days, wanna see what it'll do now. I'm guessing around 14.8 or so if I can get good traction.

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: It's time to go racin' again

    Dan, you want to bring the BFG Drag Radials, try them, and maybe buy them if you like them. I'd like to get at least $250 for them, rims, and already balanced.

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    Dan Lineback Guest

    Re: It's time to go racin' again

    I wouldn't mind trying them, BUT I think I'm just gonna use my Street tires, as that's what I used last time. That way the only vairables since my last run are the pulley, IC fan and the gears. They seemed to hook up pretty good when the track was warm.

    Feb 23 at Silver Dollar is a go for me, as long as the weather holds up. I may also be able to make March 2 at Atl, as I will be UNEMPLOYED as of March 1. That's right, I finally told those fudgepackers at NAPA to SHOVE this J-O-B after they pushed me over the edge. They screwed with my paycheck for the last time! It all works out though. I'm going to PCB for spring break in march, and I just know they would have tried to interfere with it. I'm hoping to find something that I can do part time after spring break, then full time after graduation. Time to find a real job I guess!

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    cato Guest

    Re: It's time to go racin' again

    hey everyone, just (a week ago monday) got a 95 auto, and am wanting to get it to a track to get a stock # before I start doing things to it, if people go on the 2nd I'd like to go and meet some of you. Thats of course assuming I can get off work.

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    johnmsc Guest

    Re: It's time to go racin' again

    hi guys id like to come to the track and check out other sc's i dont race mine i have an 89 with 210 k on it and i drive it every day got it about 2 1/2 yrs ago its stock as far as i know . but if u can let me know where at the track i mite find u if i come up i live in buford so im close.

    thx john macolino

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