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Thread: Project "Black Bettie" Status: The awakening is ne

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    Jason Parham Guest

    Project "Black Bettie" Status: The awakening is ne

    Well guys its been awhile since i last updated you as to what is going on with my car, so lets get down to business.
    For Christmas I recieved a new set of axles and new rear shocks from my dad. ( I bet that was pricey!!!)

    As of now just about everything is back on the car. I had planned on putting NGK Iridium plugs in it but the idiots at our local NAPA never could seem to get them in so I settled for Champion Double Platinums. I have two new AC lines with a new dryer, new O2 sensors, and Motorcraft Plug wires installed on the car. Both accessory brackets, the blower, lower IC tube and upper intake plenum are bolted on. Most electrical connections are hooked up. Today I went to the parts store and bought 2 new battery cables, 2 belts, and 2 gallons of antifreeze. I also exchanged one of my O2 sensors for one that has butt ends since the wires on the drivers side are not long enough to reach on the Mustang headers. I'll just use a connector and some of the wire off of one of my old ones to try yo get some more length out of it. I also put the new rear shocks on.

    Its getting pretty close. Basically it looks pretty complete except for the Upper IC tube, radiator, IC and belts not on it yet. Oh yeah, and the hood is sitting on top of the roof too. I have my car cover thrown under the hood to protect the roof. It still needs to have some downtubes made, but that will likely be one of the last things we'll do. A few other little items that need to be done are replacing the axle shafts (CV joints seem to be wearing out), differential bushings, and both ball joints on the passenger side, but I have all of these things already.

    Thats all for now.

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: Project "Black Bettie" Status: The awakening i

    Jason, I just found a machine shop here that said that they can electroplate an ultra hard chrome layer on damaged crank journals that can then be machined to original specs. Dr. Fred says that the process has been refined considerably in the last few years and he is doing just that to a crank right now. I wish we knew about this before you had yours turned down. Electroplating doesn't induce the stress that heating does when welding up a journal and removes the tendency for them to crack and break at the weld point.

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    Jason Parham Guest

    Update: 1/30/01

    My dad and i hooked up my new battery cables and using a really nice battery charger (I have no battery as of yet) we spun over my engine. We tried to do this last weekend but my starter was frozen up, likely due to the amount of time it has been dormant. The purpose of spinning it was not to try to crank it but to see if it was getting any oil pressure. We disconnected the DIS connections to keep it from firing. Yeah yeah I know the factory guage cant tell the difference above 7psi but it did rise to its normal position so thus far I appear to be in good shape. Items up for this weekend include installing the radiator, radiator hoses, intercooler, and upper IC tube w/ blower top. I got 2 gallons of antifreeze so I suppose we could also put some coolant in it as well. Maybe we can get around to getting the old gas out of the tank (probably 2 gallons tops). Next week it will go on a trailer and haul it to a muffler shop for some downtubes and a stop by a gas staion for a few gallons of some premium go-go juice. After that, all I really need is a battery and its time to see if this thing will run.

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