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Thread: The drag strips are opening.

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    The drag strips are opening.

    Silver Dollar opens tomorrow the 26th and is open for test and tune every Saturday thru Feb. Atlanta Dragway has test and tune Sat. Feb. 23 and Mar. 2nd. After that it's bracket racing most every Sat. at both tracks. You can check their tentative schedules at their respective web sites. If all the potential drag racers and others who would like to attend events on a regular basis could respond to this post I'd like to get an idea of what kind of participation to expect this year. Events have been lightly attended in the past and it would be really nice if we could get attendance up and have a good group get together every a month. Sometimes there's only 2 or 3 of us. I have a canopy we can put up to get out of the sun that should help. Bring a folding chair. I still need to get my traction-loc rebuilt and should be ready to go by late Feb. The cam install is on hold for funding.

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    SCme Guest

    Re: The drag strips are opening.

    Starting the 18th of Feburary I will be on first shift, so I should be able to make a couple of meets down that way. How many of you guys will be going to the NMRA at Silverdollar?

    Looks like I might be getting some 3.27's for the ol Bird. Guy over at Tennesspeed.nethas a set, that he is giving away for free. Only catch is you pay for shipping and have to install them on your car. Can't sell them to make money.
    Performance Fords of Nashville is having a meet in the Nashville area on the 2nd of Feburary, and I might drive up to look at them.

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    ljthawk Guest

    Re: The drag strips are opening

    I haven't been keeping track of what's going on lately, busy trying to get stuff taken care of (mainly school work and soon to be moving apartments). Anyway, let us know when you plan on running again. If I am in town I would be interested in watching. I actually have more fun watching the races then waiting in line to run (at least at the Atlanta Dragway).

    Where do you see yourself racing more often, Silver Dollar or Atlanta Dragway?


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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: The drag strips are opening

    I'm getting my traction lock rebuilt next weekend so I was thinking of going the following weekend the 16th or the 23rd to Silverdollar and Atlanta Dragway on the Mar 2nd. These are test and tune dates. Brackets start the following weekends. I'll have to check and see which dates are 1/4 mi. brackets. I think Atl. Dgwy. is always 1/4's but Silverdollar alternates. I still haven't heard from any of the drag racers. C'mon guys what's up?

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    Dan Lineback Guest

    Re: The drag strips are opening

    I'd be up for silver dollar. I'd like to see what my 91 will do now that I've got the 3.73s in it. I may pick up a couple more minor bolt-ons soon as well.

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