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Thread: another new guy

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    badblownbird232 Guest

    another new guy

    whats happnin. my names neal, i live in valdosta ga, and am a certified s/c freak. ive got a lot of sensors , senders, abs parts and other stuff for sale. i go to auctions a lot with my bud that owns a junkyard here so feel free to ask about parts and such, can get whole car or parts. have a whole motor here at the house out of my 90 car complete with blower runs good 120000 miles $400. upgraded my powerplant and huffer.
    any one in my area needing parts or advice shout at me
    i did the whole 90-95 swap myself, along with the port work
    with luck, the movies that i sent to the sccose site will post soon so you can all see the fruits of my labor.

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: another new guy

    Email me your name and address info and I'll add you to our membership list. I'm the unofficial coordinator for the group and Dan Lineback runs the website. I live on the north side of Atlanta and am restoring an 89 so I might need some parts at some point.

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