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Thread: Anyone Got Pics from Natl meet

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    Dan Lineback Guest

    Anyone Got Pics from Natl meet

    Does anyone have pics from the national meet that we can put on the SCCoSE website? Preferably pics of SCCoSE members and cars at the events, showing our representation there. I've freed up a little bit of time away from school to update the site. E-mail them to me at Or if you can't scan them, you can mail them to me and I can scan them and send them back.

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    Jason Parham Guest

    I got em

    I took two rolls worth of filam and I wish I brought more. However most of my shots are of other cars that were there. I know I got a pic of Glenn's burnout but Im not sure what else i got of stuff regarding the chapter. The pics are in Tuscaloosa right now. I have doubles made so I can give one set to Glenn next time I see him. I dont have real access to a scanner right now.

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