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Thread: question about front end swaps

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    Question question about front end swaps

    Basicaly my girlfriend has a 94 lx with front end damage.And i can pick up a early 90's sc motor and all.It's the sc with the front side marker lights.I was hoping to put the front end and air bags in her lx and sell the motor and trans for the 400$ i pay for the car.Any help with this or a link to what front ends can be swapped.


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    The structural part of the vehicles are nearly identical from 89-97. So the parts from the 90 will bolt onto the 94 without a problem.

    The main issue is that the hood on the 90 has a longer downward curve in front compared to the 94, on which the bumper cover rides higher.

    So you'll need the hood from the 90 to use the bumper cover and header panel from it.

    If the steel is bent on the 94, you can also cut it out, and weld in the section for the 90 to repair it.

    And if I remember correctly, even if the 94 didn't have the side markers, the wiring harness for them should be down there and you can just plug the markers in and they should work. (I know 89 through 93 are that way. Not sure about 94)

    Here is a link where this was asked before

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    Thanks alot for the info.

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