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    hey everybody, i have saited for more than 3 months for dr. freds *** to get my cam and i am through....i want a different one, form someone else, i was getting the .520" cam, and i already have comp cam springs 942 single spring, and some trick flow 7.200 chromemoly pushrods, with everything else stock on the head, and i was wondering if anyone knew of another cam i could get that would go with what i have right now, dr. fred told me this would work with his cam but i dont have the damn thing, and he wont e-mail me, call me or anything, and i am fed the ***. I recommend not to buy anything from him, anything... But sorry about that outburst, but if anyone could help or if dr. fred is reading this, maybe i could get my cam???.......but for now...thanks guys i would appreciate the help!

    -91 SC 5-speed

    (P.S. the iowa sc/gtp clash was sweet, and the tristate raceway is the nicest track for any sc, i recommend it. and the iowa guys are are awesome, I'll be a member soon, and i have my car up there next time cause i will have a cam for sure then)

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    You'll need a cam core to get one done. They're all regrinds. There is not a new performance cam for the 3.8 roller. I'm still trying to work with some inside contacts I have at Crane to get them, but it's not moving real fast.

    Anyway... umm... without porting the heads, you're pretty much wasting your time. The stock exhaust ports suck.... period. Have some mild bowl work done and maybe fully port the exhaust if you have the $$$$. For a good daily driver cam, call Comp's techline and ask for a 210@.050" intake lobe and 220@.050" exhaust lobe with .490" lift with 1.73 ratio rockers. XR7 Dave and I have both used this cam in the past with very good results. It keep the torque fat down low and will pull 5000-5200 peak HP with the right mods.

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