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Thread: !!!Auto Body Experts!!! *i need help*

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    !!!Auto Body Experts!!! *i need help*

    i am looking to get my car painted 'cause it's about time. i have taken classes on how to do so, so i have experience in painting cars and the whole procedure.

    here are some questions for you auto body experts:

    1: do you think it is possible to use a wagner wide shot spray gun to paint a car?


    2: is it possible to prehaps rent a compressor or whatever you guys use to produce the air for a REAL paint gun?

    please let me know! i wanna save myself some money in doing this... thanx!

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    im not an expert but i wouldnt use a wagner on a car, try home depot or a tool rental shop (look in yellow pages under rentals) for a compressor

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