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    CPS Question...

    Is it possible to change-out your CPS without pulling off the balancer? I sotra remember looking at it when I replaced my balancer about 5 months ago (yes, I know, I should have changed it then ), but I'm not positive that you can without pulling the balancer off. Is there enough clearance back there to get at it? If not, I guess I'll be buying a puller tomorrow. Hopefully the car won't die and not want to start again on the way to the parts store.

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    You don't want to take the balancer off as it's well documented here, that it will most likely fail if you reuse it (unless you just put on a BHJ). I did this last week, what a "fun" job it was too. There are a couple of write ups on how to do this. The one by XR7 Dave was the one I used. Size of the bolts is 5.5mm (or 7/32") but I couldn't get a socket on either one of the bolts because of the angle created in getting past the balancer. So, it was off to Sears where I bought a set of Midget metric combo wrenches, problem solved! To set the gap, I cut the cardboard backing of a Duracell battery blister pak to use as a feeler. I tried a matchbook cover and while I'm sure it left an adequate gap, I was uncomfortable with larger gap on the inside edge of the shutter wheel and wanted it centered for a larger margin of safety (don't want to do this again anytime soon!). It's most likely a day wait for the part as most places don't stock it. Also, if you're using an underdrive pulley on the water pump, take it off as that really opens things up for access. Another problem that I ran into was getting the 11mm nut for the oil cooler water tube bracket off by itself. It shares a stud with the lower cover (passenger side) and may turn the with the stud. Use an 8mm midget combo wrench to imobilize the nut for the lower cover. Otherwise, you can mess up the aluminum threads in the oil pan (don't ask how I know this). Last note: this applies to '89-'93 models as the '94-'95's have a different setup.
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