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Thread: 130 amp alternator

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    MickeyD LX50 Guest

    130 amp alternator

    I just installed a 130 amp alternator tonight on my 5.0 and I have just one word to say...WOW! The gauge stays pegged straight up even with the headlights, fog lights, wipers turn signals and stereo on at idle. It won't move for anything. The needle used to jump whenever the turn signals were on. Check out the article at the TCCoA website.

    I had some problems getting the bottom bolt to thread into the engine until I drilled the hole in the alternator out a little. I made a bracket out of the curved part of a garage door opener that connects the door to the opener. I will post some pictures tomorrow. I connected it with 4 gauge wire and a 150 amp use from a stereo shop.

    I would recommend this mod for everyone, especially if you have a custom stereo with amps.

    Mike Donley

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: 130 amp alternator

    The SC's don't have a volt meter. We've got the boost gauge where the VM is. It'll probably help with a big stereo system. Now you can put underdrive pulleys on it without worrying about the battery running down at idle.

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    Jason Parham Guest


    What is a Voltmeterdomaflachee? My car aint got one of dem. Just kidding ;-)

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