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Thread: Update on my shifter

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    Dan Lineback Guest

    Update on my shifter

    Well, I decided over the weekend to pull the shifter out of my 94. Upon removal of the original unit, I found it was trashed. Once removed from the trans, the lever just flopped around freely in the housing with absolutley no resistance. I disassembled the shifter to find the chipped and distorted where the lever had been hitting it. The boot was torn, and the center of the retainer plate on the top was oval shaped, and pretty beat up. As for the shims/washers, I thought there were supposed to be 3 or 4 of them. All I found was 1, plus a couple of small deformed, twisted strips of metal that I believe to be the reminants of anouther shim. And the car only has 55K miles on it. Yeesh!!!

    So after deciding that it would be futile to try to rebuild the stock ~~~~ter...I mean shifter, I decided to get the B&M Ripper. So I made a trip down to da 'hood (Barnett Performance in ATL) to pick it up. Upon opening the box, I see this beautiful blue aluminum shifter. I picked it up and checked its operation. TIGHT!!! I thought, "This is how it's supposed to feel." So I made my way back home to put it on. With the help of the excellent directions that came with it, I bolted it up and checked it out. It was so much smmother than the original unit. I decided to drive it around a little before I put the boot and plate back over the gaping hole in the floorpan. I made some of the most beautiful shifts I have ever made in that car!!! 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd have the most noticable difference. There's no feeling around with the stick to find 3rd. It just goes right in!! And it is so much tighter than the OEM. On the old shifter, I could move the handle side to side and even up and down with it in gear, but there is no play in this shifter. The throws are noticably shorter, too, and the rows feel to be closer together, so there is less travel to get from gear to gear.

    All I have left to do is re-attatch some wires in the console (damn alarm system--wires every where) that came disconnected and screw the top of the console back down.

    I got some pics of my trashed shifter that I'll post when I get them developed.


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    XB70 Guest

    I told you so...I'll be doing the other SC too


    Just as I promised you would feel about it. After you log some 5,000 miles of shifting you will note it gets much better smoother, loses some notchyness, yet goes in gear as accurately as the first day. Going to have to get another one for the 95 which suffers from the smae broken rings syndrome with only 47,000 miles and that was before I got it.

    How much did they charge you for it at that store??

    Now go have fun especially banging the 2-3 shft with one forward push of your open-hand. Its great!!.


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    Dan Lineback Guest

    Re: I told you so...I'll be doing the other SC too

    Hope this helps the 1/4 mile times too. I think that I was losing a few .10s trying to find the gears.

    It was 167.99 + tax at Barnett Perf. I think they should have 2 more in stock (I think they showed 3 when I ordered mine). It may be on back order elsewhere, as I called B&M initially and they said they are out of them, but will have some in production toward the end of the month.

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    dammyankee Guest

    Re: I told you so...I'll be doing the other SC too

    your shifter sounds good. i got a question about the meet at silver dollar in feb . Is it still on? I would like to know so I can get my sc and my 70 mustang ready. I wonder which one is quicker. Please E-Mail me at ( thanks.

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    RE: Feb meet

    I just got an email from new member Bill Carey who is Silver Dollar's announcer. He will be there the 17th and 24th. My old 5 spd is in rebuild and I'd like it and a new clutch slave cyl to be in before I run again. Maybe I should buy one of those shifters.

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    Ron Guest

    Re: RE: Feb meet

    The shifter wont help ypu Mike. Cause Im planning to be at the next meet to test out a new chip, and you know what that means every time we run together.

    Rotten Ron

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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: RE: Feb meet


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