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Thread: ? for those with long tube headers

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    Question ? for those with long tube headers

    I'm thinking of buying the SCP long tube headers, and I have some questions that need answered before I buy them.

    1. How much of a pain were they to install?
    2. Are you using cats or a resonator?
    3. Can I use one cat in place of the resonator?
    4. Do you have to remove the headers to perform any maintenance on the engine or transmission?
    5. Did you need to use manifold gaskets?
    6. Have you had any problems with the headers (leaking, fitment, etc.)?
    7. Why did you go with these, rather than the mid-length headers?
    8. Any regrets? What would you have done differently?

    I was planning on buying the mid-length headers with the "high-flow" downtubes and cats, but that combination is more expensive than the long tube headers. Any advice you can give me is REALLY appreciated. Thank you!!

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    Most don't use the long tubes unless they plan on using the car for off road/track use. It's almost impossible to install cats with them. Granted, any good exhaust mechanic could, but their functionality may be compromised. I couldn't imagine the headache involved in putting them on. I personally put mine on when the engine was out (mid-length), so installation was a breeze, but many have said what a pain the midlengths are to install. According to Chris Wise member page, he's got the midlengths and he's doing 11's. Sometimes you gotta spend more for the better things. Then again, things for these cars ain't cheap.

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    Longtubes provide scavenging of the exhaust pulses. No other header does. On an N/A motor that makes a huge difference from 3000-4500rpm. On a boosted motor, those benefits are arguable.

    That being said I have them. I like them. The look cool and they sound cool. I don't think anyone can tell you if they really help or not. I don't think anyone can tell you that any header at all helps you out. One of the fastest SC's out there runs on ported stock manifolds.

    They are not difficult to install. The don't really take up any more room than the mid length headers.

    As for cats, it would be idiotic to use only one cat. You want the maximum amount of surface area to minimize restriction. This is best achieved with 2 cats. I ran cats on my longtubes. No problems at all although I did heat wrap my pipes in front of the cats. If you run cats you won't need a resonator.

    I would run 2.25" primary pipes and a 3" midsection. If possible I would put the X in front of the cats, but if you can't fit one then don't worry about it. I don't think you'll have enough room for an x-pipe anyway. There certainly isn't any point in putting one after the cats unless you run true duals.

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