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Thread: No pulse detected here.........

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    SuperChicken89 Guest

    No pulse detected here.........

    Looks terminal..... no pulse here !

    Has anyone here heard what is up with Adam Mullen ? Did he ever get his Bird running right or just give up and buy something else ?

    Anyone else going to the Turkey Rod Run at Daytona speedway besides me next week ?

    Well lets see if any life can be injected into this site.



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    onequiksc Guest


    BJ, I think Adam has his car back from the shop (HG's) and it's running. This I heard from a friend that spoke with him.

    I will be going to the Turkey Run, just not sure which day yet. My buddy Steve has to work also. Most likely Saturday, because I usually meet another SC'er there ( Kevin Haines, 93 SC ) and he has to work most days. I think he works Sat. mornings too, as we met for the afternoon that day last year. But I'd be willing to go earlier and have him meet me somewhere if it works for you. Let me know which day you were planning to go. I still have to get hold of Kevion, so nothing's set in stobe.

    I'm not certain, but I assume Adam is going to be home ( Cape Coral ) for thanksgiving.
    Laters, Dan H
    My email is in my profile if you need it. Dan H

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    SuperChicken89 Guest

    Re: No pulse detected here.........


    Not sure which day Friday or Saturday I am going. Usually concentrate on the vendor area looking for parts for my 69 Cougar restoration. I will be going SCless........... no room for any parts I may find for the restorating project. It will be spending the holiday in the garage.

    Would like to get together with some of the other SCers in FL. one day. I periodically take mine to some of the Orlando cruiseins. Seems very few people even know what these cars are.

    Well adios for now


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