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Thread: where can I get timming chain set on cammer

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    mannysc Guest

    where can I get timming chain set on cammer

    nobody knows how looks great with 671 on it secret weapon its ford its supercharged,,,

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    427 SOHC Hemi

    Manny you want to buy a SOHC Hemi motor?
    Ford Power Parts in L.A. has three of them plus extra parts

    One is twin turbo charged talk about serious power the old side oiler blocks where weak Dove Engineering makes new aluminum blocks and heads

    My father ran a 1970 Pro Stock Maverick in the 70's with 427 SOHC Hemi with two 1150 Holleys he will be at Bakersfield the 24th you two can talk forever he also had a A/FX 427 65 Mustang and a Thunderbolt 427 fairlane

    Ford desigened the SOHC Hemi it took them 90 days what a beautiful engine you got a nice picture of one :-)

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    mannysc Guest

    Re: 427 SOHC Hemi

    In my dreams!!!!! my freind has one in a 62 galaxy its hot nobody expects to see that motor in his car ..

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Galaxie 1963 1/2 427 XL

    Manny my friend Kenny Dondero
    His friend bought Don Nicholson 1970 Pro Stock Maverick that Kenny drove for him with a SOHC Hemi for $80.000

    You mite see it at some of the ford shows we have a 63 1/2 Galaxie 500 XL fastback with the original 427 with 4 speed nice car to drive and fast

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    mannysc Guest

    Re: Galaxie 1963 1/2 427 XL

    my favorite motor its amazing how fast ford techs came up with it 90 days is some kind of record.

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    90 days awesome!!!!!!!

    Manny it is so amazing 90 days
    We have a friend in Hayward Don Rocci he had an ocean racer with two SOHC Hemi motors my father built them and tuned them for him special stainless steel headers the sound was awesome

    I love that motor we run AR Boss 429 Hemi motors now another awesome motor by Ford

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