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Thread: Look's like you'll have a trader as a new member

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    Aarons Back Guest

    Look's like you'll have a trader as a new member

    Looks like I will be moving down to So-Cal in about a month or so. My car isn't running to good right now but will be soon after I come down. Are there any organized bracket races in the area yet? Maybe Fontana? No Irwindale, I want to run for the full quarter mile and I don't want to make the trek out to LACR everytime I want to run. Although Fontana is probably just as far. Oh well, I hope to meet up with all of you soon, at least all of you I haven't already met.


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    John Shelton Guest

    That's great news, Aaron!

    We'll have to have a get-together to welcome you back!

    To you guys who don't know Aaron - he's one of the most knowledgable SC guys there is.

    CA Speedway in Fontana doesn't have brackets, but Drag City in Banning will when it opens, expected late summer. But there's definitely brackets at (forgive me) CarlsBAD.

    Where will you be moving to?

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    Aarons Back Guest

    Thanks for the cudos

    or is it kudos? I am moving to Stanton(near Huntington Beach). I can't wait to get my car running right again and start having fun with it like I used to. Looking forward to tuning it with a chip and getting it down into 12's where it should be. I think I'll be torn at a
    So-Cal/Nor-Cal meet but I know well have fun not matter what.

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    RonzSC Guest

    Welcome to the So Cal Chapter Aaron!
    John Shelton said that we needed you back to get us organized and here you are...

    We will definitely be able to give the Nor-Cal guys a run for their money now with you and Shelton anchoring the chapter.

    Have you ever run on an 1/8th mile Aaron? I hadn't until I ran at Azusa last year. It turned out to be really helpful as a practice and a great time. It is a nice set up and you can get a ton of runs in to get dialed in.
    I got smoked by a couple of Mustang Cobras, but luckily John Shelton redeemed me by waxing them big time.

    Anyway...really glad to have you with us Aaron.

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    Aarons Back Guest

    I haven't been to Irwindale but..

    I have a buddy that goes out there with his Z all the time. I might make it out there to figure out my lauches, I need the help. Last time I ran I was having to really baby it off the line to get it going. With old motor I had a 1.86 short time and with new motor with all the traction problems brought it all the way down to a 1.93 best, so I know I have some time to get back there. Jim and I have always been going at each other since he started into the SC thing. Now with the North-South thing it will probably be even more interesting. I know I have 12's in this engine but it is just way out of tune with 36# injectors and having it tuned for 30's. I also never did get a chance to run my alcohol injection effectively. First time I blew the pump for it, second time I blew motor and the last time I broke the air adjuster for my MAF, then I just flat ran out of money. Hopefully affordable living in So-Cal will let my baby get the attention it deserves.

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    al35thsc Guest


    if u r around anymore, are you making it to carlsbad, or if not that, bakersfield, youd get to see the northern people and meet the southern folks


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    mannysc Guest

    Re: aron?

    welcome to so cal where theres more unburned gas in the air than in my intake,,,, cant wait to meet you heard so much about you!!! jim does talk highly of you,,,,,once again welcome to so cal,,,,,,

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    EvanSC Guest


    Hey man, wrong end of the state!

    Nah, it's cool to have you post up anywhere. I appreciate the help you gave me last year man, I'll probably see you down there at one of the get togethers sometime.

    take care,

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Aaron this is great

    Now your a SCCoSC challenger :-)
    It would be so nice to race each other once again your one of the greatest guys I have ever met and a true racer

    Good luck on the move and getting the Blue beast runing strong again we had fun times challenging for the California record a while back

    Now North vs South its even more challenging Manny & Ron & Alex and the rest of the SCCoSC :-)

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    mannysc Guest

    Re: Aaron this is great

    and the comettition gets hotter

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