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Thread: las vegas meet in the works for july 5-7

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    Kris Campos Guest

    las vegas meet in the works for july 5-7

    i just wanted to let all of you guys know about this far enough in advance if you want to attend. we just talked about this in phoenix the past weekend. we're shooting for july 5-7 in vegas. i'm already planning on going, and mr. shelton usually attends. info about the meet should be popping up on the sccosw bbs in the next week or two.
    you can get to the bbs through


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    RonzSC Guest

    Too close to our Bakersfield meet

    Maybe next year.
    It will be hotter than a biscuit that time of year.
    It is way to close to our Bakersfield meet and I will be either wrenching or saving my money to buy parts.

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    al35thsc Guest

    Re: Too close to our Bakersfield meet

    hmmm, i missed last year when i was dealing withthe engine andtranny problems, so this year i might just show up cuz i put them in new and stuff, plus it may be cheap for me considering i have family in he is a tranny builder so i may just take some parts up there and have them installed for beer :evil:


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    Mandis Tbird Guest

    Re: would love to go!

    Vegas Baby!!! I love Vegas! I will keep checking up on the SCCoSW BBS for future info regarding it.

    Thanks Kris for letting us know.

    PYT =0)

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    ESM Direct Sales Rep Guest

    Re: would love to go!

    Rumor has it that I will most likely be attending this event courtesy of Mr. Sunday. I was just informed last night by Kelly. Anyone up for a beer run??? lololol

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    Mandis Tbird Guest

    Re: Vegas here I come!!!

    PYT will be there. Got the weekend off! Woohoo!

    As far as the beer run goes, I prefer Jack Daniels! Hope that is okay? Will there be a shot glass waiting for me when I arrive? =0P

    Vegas here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PYT =0)

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    ESM Direct Sales Rep Guest

    Re: Vegas here I come!!!

    Nope, no shot glasses for you, just the bottle and a straw! Gonna break you in SCCoSW style!
    Hmmmmm who is going to help who to their room this time?

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    Mandis Tbird Guest

    Re: Vegas here I come!!!

    No problem--out of the bottle it is!

    Regarding help to the room--I believe someone needed help last time??? Who will it be this time? hehehehe Perhaps it will be a team effort!

    PYT =0)

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    lore1020 Guest

    you bunch

    of drunks! hahaha j/k

    **yeah yeah who's talking** LoL

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    al35thsc Guest

    Re: you bunch

    hmmm, i seem to recall having to carry someone up to her room one new years eve :lol:


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    lore1020 Guest


    you are mistaking me for someone else jejeje j/k

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    al35thsc Guest

    Re: apparently

    am i cuz i got pictures of it too...


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