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Thread: Hard Shift, Plenty of Clutch

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    Unhappy Hard Shift, Plenty of Clutch

    Hey all,
    My 93' has a slight problem with "sticky" shifting.
    I've read the other posts and a tight clutch makes sense if my pedal let off closer to the floor but mine lets off high, Too high for my liking. The girl I bought the car from said she just put a new clutch in it before the car stopped running (DIS). Is there no freeplay adjustment for the pedal? and the shifting is still kinda tough. I'm afraid to speed shift for fear of breaking something.
    I'm of the mind that if it ain't broke don't break it.
    Any idea's?

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    If it is hard to shift there are two possibilties. 1) incorrect fluid or fluid level and 2) dragging clutch or pilot bearing.

    In the case of the fluid, drain the fluid and replace with either Mercon or 80/90 gear oil and 5-6oz of friction modifier. Make sure it is all the way up to the fill plug level. I prefer the 80/90 gear oil. It shifts much better in trannies with worn syncros. It will be sluggish when cold but will shift like butter when warm.

    In the case of the dragging clutch or pilot bearing, well you have to dissasemble to fix, so hopefully that is not it. The clutch disc can easily hang up on splines that are not clean or have buildup in them. The buildup can be extremely hard and require serious scraping to remove. The clutch disc should slide smoothly up and down the shaft with no dragging. And of course the pilot bearing should turn smooth and freely.
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