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Thread: Thank's Manny

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Thank's Manny

    Thank you for your post
    The Non-Tech board has to many teenage little boy's on it
    I had trouble with them before its best to just post on your forum and Nor-Cal forum

    We are going to have a fun time August 24th cant wait to see your awesome SC's and the nicest people of SCCoSC

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    al35thsc Guest

    yo jimbo, i want to know the story...whats the deal...tell us whats up.

    when i caught u on the sccoa chat room, u said u already had the cobra r...but i remembered that i had read one of yer posts saying u had ordered the sc'ed 2003 cobra...were u just postwhoring/bull sh tting or are u gonna get both or what...cuz if u are i wanna know what ur doign to make all that money so maybe i can get a piece of it...but then again if ur selling ur arse, id rather pass


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Cowboy this is the true story

    COWBOY thats you :-)
    I had a 2003 Cobra ordered and they had this Cobra R there for $60.000 looking at the value of the Cobra R in a few years it will be worth a half a million dollars the collectors say plus its a racing production Cobra only 300 made

    Bob Johnson is getting a Cobra 2003 hes got it ordered he also has a 2001 Saleen I am happy with this Cobra R its no:234 of the 300 made got all the documents pictures of it being built brand new 0 miles on it the owner of Seramonty Ford didn't want to sell it until a month ago we got it

    I will bring pictures of it to Bakersfield and my Blown 57tbird you will love that car 6 seconds at 200mph

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    RonzSC Guest

    Jim...Wake up[ Bro!!!

    Jim, I think you are dreamin' again. C'mon, only $60,000.00. I iknow the Beer Barron has that kind of pocket change, but I would not have expected that of you.

    Seriously Jim...Do you think it is right for you to put that you have the fastest and quickest SC when you can't defend your "title"?
    How long have you been in egg crates now, a year?
    Granted you can say you have posted the fastest time, but certainly you DO NOT have the fastest anything.
    Well, on second thought, you might have the fastest lawn mower or snow blower, but not SC!

    I would easily say that is John Shelton at this time.

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    al35thsc Guest


    yep that was me in there, ron, the baron and i were all online so we went in there to discuss chapter politics etc.

    i think u should have explained that in yer post though, people read ur buying the 2003, then read u just bought the cobra r, so they prolly think this guys fulla caca, but then again those other guys can be jerks too any case, i think if u didnt post so much bs about being the quickest and fastest, theyd take yer posts a bit more serious...i actually think yer sig should say quickest and fastest followed by the year u ran, cuz we all know my motorless grand am is quicker than yours since i can prolly push it quicker than u can that 2 ton bird...just my $0.02


    ps adam mullen has tole me that he has seen cobra r's still sitting in lots, so that doesnt really trip me out

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    John Shelton Guest

    Re: Jim...Wake up[ Bro!!!

    Thanks, Ron, but please don't drag me into this urinating competition.

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    I am wide awake

    To tell you the Truth Ron,John,Cowboy
    I had enough of this whole BBS and this Bakersfield talk
    lets talk more serious

    And your right John is runing hard right now and he's a very nice guy like the rest of you I need to stop flapping my jaws
    and get my car together to prove a point

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    RonzSC Guest

    Re: I am wide awake

    Hey wait a minute!
    Don't go do something and ruin our fun.
    Talking is so much less expensive than actual racing.
    We can argue about who is faster and who can whip who and it won't cost a nickel...just a fgew million electrons.

    Al, The Beer Barron and I are planning to come up to Sacramento and look you up.
    We are Jim Demmitt Jr. fans and want to see all your hot cars and see if you can share some speed secrets with us. What do you say?
    A plane ticket is practically nothing these days and we could hang with the living legend all weekend. Maybe you would let us polish your trophies or even polish your SC (the record breaker). The last thrill like that was when Butch Leal signed my baseball hat when I was in high school.

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    mannysc Guest

    Re: I am wide awake

    you guys are bad , ease up on jim we all have our lessor times ..alex is a kid , ron does burnouts in wheel chair ... I have inverted nipples,,, and a none working setup,, merc is really a cyborg,,,tbk is a texan turned calif,yee haw dude!! so we have room for a sc in boxes,,fastest and quickest boxes in the state lol..... sorry jim had to ...its like my inverted setup thats on a shelf because Im broke and cant afford to have it welded ,,, so lets take it easy on jim , because if you start on jim Im probably next. and I dont want to hear those words manny you are the weakest link good bye. lol

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Thank's Manny

    Well show them
    You and I may have our motors in pieces on the garage floor but once there together well show them

    Your blower setup is going to make some serious power I know it takes a lot of money and time to do it right that's why its taking me so long it seams you have to have everything made special that when you order something it takes forever to get it

    We are getting there everything is coming in now should have it together real quick its ben a long time since I last drove my SC I miss it its a fun car to drive they look neat

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