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Thread: Introduction to SCcoa member

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    Question Introduction to SCcoa member

    Hello to all you folks and friends, My name Is Victor Malvar. Alot of members have been coming to our ebay site, Some of you wanted to know whow spinningwheels-sc is! We are re- sellers of Super coupe parts XR7's and Ford truck parts, plus other items such as chips, superchargers Back bumpers aprrox 150. items that have not all been listed yet. We are going as fast as possible, We sell new parts as well as used and in good condition parts and stand behind them. We have been around for approx a year. we were writing on our listings" Welcome to all SCcoa member" and giving very discounted prices and have seen alot of the diffrent club members stop by and buy from us. Now ebay does not want us to use the SCccoa mentioned at our autions listings or its aviolation we can understand it would not be fair to other seller from SCcoa and others as well. our store say that our store is an ebay store. We have auctions every Thusdays and they last 7 to 10 days, but on hot items that we have discouted prices on, as they sell we re-list and everyone gets a chance to buy the special items that improve our SC's performance. Victor Malvar and Diane Malvar My wife and best friend! Are spinningwheels SC. We hope to see you even if its to ask a question We will reply to as many as fast as possible, stop and see our store! its not a mystery anymore! We are Spinningwheels-sc. We will give the best prices we can to everyone. If you mention that it was nice to see us at the forums and I will know you are a SCcoa member and give you the best we have to members as well as any one else but its nice to see SCcoa members stop by and check us out.Thank you and sorry for the long statement.Dark blue
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    Hey guys and.. gal,

    I've dealt with this man on several occasions. I have nothing but good things to say about him.

    He is deffinitely my ONLY SC parts guy, unless he can't find it.

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