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It looks like Hurst SC has made some progress. I have not been so fortunate as of yet. It looks like HP Performance will be starting in a week or so. I know I sound like a broken record by now, but that's the latest word to me and Neibert. Hurst SC, I am also interested in taking a look at some pictures. Hopefully the system you fabricate can benifit from some of HP's parts and/or upgrades if needed.
I hope mine gets finished soon so that we can compare notes. I am sure that we will not be alone in Supercoupe/Turbo world if this sparks some interest among our peers. Maybe we can form our own list with Neibert at the #1 spot.
- Unfortunatlely I have no pictures with me. I am in Boston, MA finishing up a computer contract. I will try to have pictures posted after the new year when I return home to Pennsylvania, where the car resides.