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Thread: motor and trans swap (auto to manual)

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    motor and trans swap (auto to manual)

    i had an 89 coupe that a recently purchased and my friend has a 90 coupe. the bottom of mine was like swiss cheese and his needed a motor so i so we decided to put my motor and manual trans in his automatic. this past weekend we gutted my old car, and next weekend were pulling his motor and trans. Does any buddy know if there is any wiring changes that have to be made especially any that change the way the car will run? Also we could not get the hydrolic line out of the manual trans. Does anyone know if i can get that line and how i should go about getting it out. it still seems to work but it doesn't look so good. and if anybody has any suggestions that could be useful about anything else let me know.

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    the hydraulic line is connected at the master cylinder with a pin, you slide that pin out and take the tube out of the master. The slave cylinder end is connected with a white plastic ring that must be pushed towards the slave in order to pull the line out it almost has to disappear completely into the sleeve before the line can be pulled out.

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